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Viper VII

A year after the elections, Ulpia is tense. The new government of Varo has taken a course towards an independent policy and leaving the sphere of influence of the Balkan Union. Certain circles, economically and politically tied to the union, are not satisfied with the development of things. Accusations are being made of manipulations in the election’s computing centers and doubts about the integrity of the vote. Demonstrations are being organized. The government, which is firmly set on a new course for the country, with the help of Hard Touch Solutions, is currently managing to control the internal tension, but the pressure from the outside is rising.


There are leaks of information from independent sources about emergency meetings between the leaders of the Balkan Union, regarding the possibility of Ulpia leaving the union and the need to prevent this at all costs. There is an increased movement of military units of the Balkan United Forces along the country’s borders, explained by pre-planned military exercises of the pact. Elite units of Hard Touch Solutions are sent to guard key elements of Ulpia’s critical infrastructure.

Airsoft Milsim Game Ex military airfield Uzundzhovo near Haskovo 08-10 September 2023