A year after the events in Ulpia, the massive armed resistance from HTS has been mostly dealt with. The remains of HTS have gone underground and more often than not avoid direct confrontation, reverting to guerilla tactics. The Balkan Alliance (BUF) has placed a permanent peace-keeping force in support of the interim government, put in place after Varo disappeared. The situation is however far from over. Still there are often attacks against BUF patrols and outposts. The attitude of the locals is far from clear. The aim of BUF is not only to destroy the last pockets of resistance, but also to win the local population on its side, having in mind that most of them have supported the independence of Ulpia in the last election. This is key in order to give a chance of success to the interim government. In spite of the “compromising” information publicized by the Alliance, Varo still has a substantial backing and resources, regardless of his rare public appearances. The restriction of his financial support, as well as bringing him up to justice might have a big propaganda effect.