The story

Ulpia is part of newly formed Balkan Alliance. Discontent and desire to leave the Alliance has been growing and desire for new independence began to emerge.
The secession campaign is largely funded by local oligarch Terentius Varro, holding much of the mining concessions in the resource-rich Ulpia.
Referendum has been hold and Ulpia announced its separation from the Alliance. Immediately afterwards, presidential elections has been hold and Terentius Varro has been elected as president.
The Alliance’s Supreme Council categorically refuses to recognize Ulpia’s referendum and independence, and sends the Balkan United Forces (BUF) Alliance for Rapid Reaction to overcome the rising tensions in Ulpia.
Due to the small population of Ulpia lacks its own military forces. Terentius Varro enters into a contract with Hard Touch Solutions (HTS) to preserve independence.

To counter HTS’s actions and ensure unhindered deployment, BUF’s first goals are the key infrastructure of the country and above all the only large airport capable of accepting heavy military equipment.
The initial collision between the opposing forces focuses precisely there.
The BUF has 36 hours to collect intelligence, to secure and prepare for diplomatic staff`s evacuation and to ensure control of the airport before the first aircraft with BUF`s forces lands.
HTS has enough information to do so and sends its most experienced staff to block the Alliance’s plans and retain control of the airport.


Balkan United Forces (BUF)

Rapid response force is amalgam of alliance members special operations groups handpicked for the current operation. They are tough, strong and good equipped. Ready to protect the Alliance values in this rebel province.

Dress code: Dark green pattern/ATACS FG/OD/Russian style camouflage.
Head gear – not mandatory: Hats, boonie hats, bandanas etc. excluding helmets, patrol caps, baseball caps

Hard Touch Solutions (HTS)
Company specialized in resolving local conflicts, protection of the different type of assets, delivered with the right amount of force, strong tactic and excellent equipment. HTS soldiers are elite of the elite. Most of them are military veterans from Special forces all around the world they know how act in the best possible way to suppress the enemy and discourage it from future actions.

Dress code: Light pattern camouflage. Mutlicam, Desert camo
Head gear: mandatory Helmets, patrol caps, baseball caps