Donation instructuions

This year there will be 200 tickets for each of the BUF and HTS factions. When the tickets are gone the registration for the respective faction stops. After all the tickets are gone, and depending on the faction balance, the organizers may decide to issue additional tickets.

As before, tickets for  Viper can be brought through the Paysera Tickets platform or directly from the form below on this page.
On the platform, you will be able to pay via bank transfer, Revolut, or Paysera account. You can order up to 10 tickets in each order. One ticket equals one game entry. You can combine tickets for different factions in one order.
For every ticket, enter the e-mail of the buyer (Buyer email) – this is the e-mail to which you will receive the tickets in electronic form. In addition, depending on the type of ticket, you will need to fill in some additional data for each ticket. After filling in the details of all the tickets, you will be redirected to the payment page, where you will be able to choose a payment method and, once completed, finalize the donation.

1. Game tickets
For this type of ticket, in addition to the buyer’s email for the order, you will need to enter for each participant additional information such as the participant’s name, email address, callsign, team, country, whether you have night vision or thermals, whether you plan to use a vehicle in-game, as well as agree to the general terms and conditions and privacy policy of Viper 8 organizers and Paysera. For each participant, you will receive a QR code in electronic form, which you will need during registration before the start of the game.

2. T-shirts

We will shortly provide the link to our t-shirt platform.

You can see information about the design of the t-shirts HERE.

For further information you can write to us by email: or contact us by phone at +359896827254 or +359897400316.