Balkan United Forces (BUF)

After overcoming the initial resistance of HTS and the traitor Varo, financed by malicious foreign powers, the coalition of the forces of the Balkan Alliance manage to establish a permanent presence in Ulpia, legalized by the interim government supported by the Alliance. The focus shifts from a military to a peace-keeping operation. The aim is to destroy the last remains of the resistance of Varo and HTS, as well as win the local population for the democratic cause.

The main objective is control of the territory, holding strategic objectives and checkpoints, base security, raids when information is obtained on HTS forces or terrorist elements in the local population. The task is made harder by strict Rules-Of-Engagement, with engagement possible only with a clearly identifiable armed combatant and shooting unarmed civilians leads to harsh punishment. The task must be achived without further alienating the local population against presence of BUF in Ulpia.

Dress code: Dark green pattern/ATACS FG/OD/Russian style camouflage
Head gear – not mandatory: Hats, boonie hats, bandanas etc. excluding helmets, patrol caps, baseball caps
Note: Players with NVGs with only helmet mount, will be allowed by exception to use helmets during the night parts of the game, with the condition that the helmet must be wrapped in cloth/shemagh in order to conceal its form.


Combat: High to Medium level