Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions and Processing of Personal Data

Terms and Conditions
The Participant agrees to be photographed/videographed during the event and the photos/videos to be published on the Internet and other media.
The Participant will attend the airsoft event “Viper 8”, organized at Uzundzhovo Airfield, near Haskovo, Bulgaria on 30.08-01.09.2024 on his own decision, not under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other substances affecting his judgment.
The Participant will have a good understanding of the game rules no later than when the event starts. If he has any questions concerning the event or its rules, he will ask the Organizer beforehand.
The Participant will attend the general and accident prevention briefing and everything stated there will be acknowledged and respected by him.
The Participant will play according to the rules and instructions of the Organizer and I will respect these prudently at all times.
The Participant will start the game only after familiarizing with and understanding all the game rules and all the instructions given by the Organizer.
The Participant is aware that he has to wear protective equipment during the whole event. He can only remove the aforementioned protective gear at the designated areas (safe zone and parking lot).
The Participant acknowledges that the Organizer is not liable for any personal injury or property damage the Participant may suffer inside the game area and safe zone during the event, and any claim for damages shall be excluded by the Organizer.
The Participant accepts that any claim for damages to property owned or possessed by him and taken by him to the event area shall be excluded by the Organizer.
The Participant accepts that any game equipment received by him shall be used properly and only inside the game area, according to the instructions of the Organizer and at the Participant’s own risk.
The Participant acknowledges that he shall have full liability for the game equipment received by him and shall return them to their owner at the end of the event.
(Organizer shall mean any person duly authorized with the respective identification by “Airsoft Sofia”)

Information on the purposes of collecting and processing personal data according to the General Data Protection Regulation: (Regulation ЕС) 2016/679)
• the collected personal data is used solely for identification before the organizers, sending information on the event, registering participants, and returning lost items after the event.
• the collected data will not be given access in any form to any third parties
• the collected data will not be used for marketing purposes
• the collected data will be deleted and/or destroyed one month after the event (October 01,  2024)
• your data may be deleted at your explicit request, as long as there is no legal basis for their storage and handling
• you are entitled to receive a full copy of your data stored by us

The Participant is familiar with and agrees to the purposes of storing and processing his data and agrees that his data is to be processed for the event.