Specific requirements

Using mid-cap/real-cap magazines is mandatory. Hi-caps are forbidden.

You are required to have a two-way radio.

You are required to have protective glasses with transparent lens to use during the night.

You are required to carry some amount of water with you (either a water bottle or a camelback) – free bottled water will be provided in the bases for refills.

It is highly advisable to carry a handgun replica (or replica below 110m/sec) for engagements under 10m as well as engagements inside buildings and dense vegetation.

You are required to carry a rubber knife replica if you want to do a “knife kill” – no other knifes are allowed for “knife kill”. Holding the knife with hand is necessary, but it is advisable to use the other hand to tap the target. You should refrain from touching the other player with the knife in order to avoid accidents.

It is advisable to have a sleeping bag, to catch a few hours of sleep during the nights.

It is advisable to carry a personal first-aid kit, as well as mosquito and tick repellent.

You should carry enough food (or snacks) to last you 36 hours.

We are expecting a serious and responsible attitude towards all inventory.


More important rules

3 Replica, accessories, BBs

Airsoft replicas are low-power, pneumatic toys, which expel 6 mm plastic balls (BBs), with a weight of 0.20-0.50 grams. They are copies of real guns, but are completely different in construction, materials and way of operation. The usual kinetic energy is 0.5 – 3.5 Joules, so they are way below the legal limit in Bulgaria of 24 Joules and do not require a registration or license.
Only equipment, game devices and replicas, approved by the team of Airsoft Sofia or the game organizers, are permitted into the game. If you have a replica, for which you are not sure, whether it is permissible, please check with the organizers.

It is absolutely forbidden to carry live firing, real steel weapons on a game!
3.1 Carrying your replica
Always carry your airsoft replica to and from the game in a protective cover or case (with the battery or air source disconnected, magazine removed and safety on). This is the safest way to carry the replica, as it protects it from scratches and breaking. As there is a legal requirement to carry real weapons in this way, and the replicas look like real ones, this will save a lot of misunderstanding.
Never take out your or show your airsoft replica in public places!
3.2 DMR Replicas
Real steel DMR guns are generally different from assault rifles in having a longer and heavier barrel, larger caliber munition, low-capacity magazines, the presence of optics and (optionally) a bipod. It is only normal that airsoft replicas, imitating a DMR, have similar external characteristics.

For this reasons the following replicas (already available on the market or easily adaptable) of existing real steel originals:
SVD; SVU; FN MK20; G3A3ZF; G28; G36D; Galatz (Galil sniper); L85; L129A1; M14; M14EBR; PSG (MSG); SR25; HK417; FN FAL DMR mode.

Nobody will be stopped from making a “custom” replica, but please check with Airsoft Sofia first if it`ll fall under DMR rules.

DMR replicas can only use real-cap/midcap magazines.
3.3 Sniper replicas
Any replica with a projectile (BB) energy of no more than 3.5 Joules (see p.4.1) allowing only single fire with manual reload is considered a Sniper replica.
3.4 Support Weapons
Support weapon replicas, imitate real steel ones and use high-capacity magazines (over 1000 BBs). Replicas of machine pistols, or assault rifles with large capacity magazines will not be allowed as such.
3.5 Magazines
The use of mid-cap and real cap magazines is a must.
Box magazines are allowed ONLY for Support Weapon replicas. A box magazine is every magazine, which cover one or more of the following
• Capacity over 600 BBs
• The possibility of electric feeding of BBs.
3.6 BBs
• Only regular or biodegradable plastic BBs with weights betweeb 0.20 – 0.50 grams are allowed in the games.
• It is strictly forbidden to use glass or metal BBs!

3.7 Knives
Knives can be used only as off-game instruments for household or field tasks. Only rubber or non-sharpened plastic knive replicas can be used in-game.
3.8 Shields
The use of ballistic shield replicas is allowed. The shields should not be larger than 120 x 60 cm. and should weigh no less than 6 kg. The player carrying the shield can only use a pistol (no-long guns).
3.9 Grenades
The use of any kind of pyrotechnical devices is strictly forbidden!

The devices allowed for use are mines, “explosive” traps and grenades with Green Gas, CO2, compressed air, electronic or spring powered (e.g. Claymore type).
When activated the mine or grenade “eliminates” all players (both friendly and enemy) in a radius of 5 (five) m. from the device and in line of sight. The eliminated players proceed directly to the respawn, without “bleeding”. If at the moment of “explosion” the player is behind a solid (brick, concrete) cover, they are NOT “eliminated” and can continue their play.
The “explosion” of a grenade or mine directly “eliminates” a player with a shield, if he is within the 5 m radius, and proceeds to the respawn, without “bleeding”. The players around and behind the player with the shield are also eliminated, if they are within the 5 m radius and in line of sight of the “explosion”.
3.10 Camouflage cover, Ghillie suit
Ghillie suits or similar camouflage covers, can only be used by players using a sniper or DMR replica.
3.11 Radio
The use of radio and electronic equipment in the game is allowed. The use and eavesdropping of enemy radio frequencies is strictly forbidden. The frequencies used for communication, should be authorized by the game organizers.

The frequencies used in the games, can be seen here:


Channel Frequency, MHz CTCSS ICOM Other
1 446.00625 77.0 5 4
2 446.01875 88.5 9 8
3 446.03125 100.0 13 12
4 446.04375 82.5 7 6
5 446.05625 67.0 2 1
6 446.06875 74.4 4 3
7 446.08125 94.8 11 10
8 446.09735 107.2 15 14


• The so called “Liberian” shooting is forbidden – the player should always see where his BBs are going.
• It is forbidden to push your weapon through holes and crevices, or to shoot around a corner, without clearly seeing where your BBs are going.
• Shooting the torso is recommended, if the situation allows it.
• Shooting the head, if other parts of the body can be shot is forbidden..
4.1 Speeds and minimum distances
• The maximum speed is measured in meters per second (m/s, mps), with the hop-up off using 0.20g BBs. The organizer should check all replicas, before games start.

• HPA replicas, Green/Red gas replicas, as well as bolt-action snipers are measured only with the BBs they will be playing in Joules. The limit for them is the muzzle energy in Joules of a 0.20g BB with speed corresponding to the weapon class of the replica.

Speed / Muzzle Energy, (0.20g BB) Min. Distance Fire type
0 – 110 m/sec 0 – 360 fps 1.2 J 1 meter single
0 – 130 m/sec 0 – 425 fps 1.7 J 10 meters single and auto
0 – 140 m/sec 0 – 460 fps 2.0 J 15 meters auto for close support weapons
141 – 160 m/sec 460 – 525 fps 2.5 J 25 meters single (DMR)
0 – 185 m/sec 0 – 600 fps 3.5 J 40 meters single shot manual reload

4.1.1 In The Open
in the open field, the following restrictions of the speed are applied (measured as fps and m/s) with 0.2g BBs):

4.1.2 CQB
At distances of less than 10 m it is FORBIDDEN to use any replica with a speed (or corresponding muzzle energy) of more than 110 m/s, as well as firing on full-auto or burst, regardless of the replica type.

If two opposing players come into each other at a distance below 10 m and both of them do not have a replica with speed below 110 m/s, they can resolve the situation in one of two ways:
• They both mark themselves as “HIT” and both go to their respective respawn;
• They can simultaneously go in opposing direction and continue their game.

When both players are in a building, they can use all kinds of replicas, as long as the speed (corresponding muzzle energy) is below (110 m/s). Only semi-auto or single mode is allowed.

A player in a building can shoot at targets outside the building, with any replica and in all modes of firing (single, semi, full-auto), as long as he follows the speed and distance restrictions for the respective replica type. The players must exercise caution when in the vicinity of doors and windows, where one can be inadvertently shot at point-blank range.

Do not forget, Your safety is Your personal responsibility!

A player in the open can shoot at a target in the building, with any type of replica and in all modes (single, semi, full-auto), as long as he follows the speed and distance restrictions for the respective replica type. If the player outside comes within 10 m of the building CQB rules come into effect (speed below 110 m/s, single or semi
5.4 Elimination
A hit anywhere on the body results in elimination. A hit on any part of the gear, including backpacks, results in elimination. It is forbidden to use your gear as cover (e.g. you are not allowed to remove your backpack, put it on the ground and use it as a cover).

A hit in the replica results in elimination.
(Note: It is allowed for the organizers of a certain game to waive this rule and instead to have a rule, where a hit in the replica “damages” it and the player can’t use it before going through a base or respawn and fixing it. It is allowed for an eliminated player to leave a replica, ammunition and gear, at the place of his elimination.)

Verbally marking your hits, as well as any other discussion of hits during the games is strictly forbidden!

Verbal marking means telling the opposing player something like “Come on, didn’t I hit you enough?” “I’ve got you full of BBs, mark yourself” etc.

Eliminated player can’t communicate with the “live” ones, nor shoot his replica.
It is forbidden to deliberately shoot a player with elimination marking or use one as cover
5.4.1 Ricochets
A hit by a ricochet does not result in elimination. Penetrating shots are not considered ricochets. Penetrating shots are shots, are ones that pass through grass, bushes, leaves or any light material used for concealment. A hit by a member of own team (friendly fire) is considered elimination.
5.4.2 Elimination marking
Eliminated player immediately raises his replica or hand, shouts loudly “HIT” or Bulgarian “UDARЕN”,’UBIT” and marks himself with an orange elimination vest or cap, in a way that the marking is visible from all directions in order to avoid repeat hits and stops all verbal or radio communication with the other players. He is only allowed to shout for a “Medic”. The eliminated player does not leave the spot, but stays in place for 5 min – the so called “bleeding” time.
5.4.3 Knife kill
Knife kill/Silent kill, is done by sneaking on the enemy, tapping him lightly with your hand and saying “Knife kill”, for this you will not only need to have a dummy knife, but it must be in your other hand.
The eliminated player does not shout “HIT” and does not bleed. He proceeds silently to his respawn. A player cannot do a mercy kill with a knife kill on another wounded friendly player, to save him the “bleeding” time, even if no medic is around.

….. the healing and medic rules will be specific and determined at a later point in time
5.6 Moving to the respawn
After the “bleeding” time runs out, the player moves swiftly the conflict zone. If there is an ongoing firefight at his position he can lie back and raise his replica up, staying this way until the firefight finishes.
.7 Capturing enemy players
Enemy players can be captured, only if it is explicitly stated in the game scenario. Capture takes place, after healing the hit enemy player, by a friendly medic. Capture can be also be done if you manage to sneak on the enemy player, have him your sights and can clearly engage him. You can shout “Hands up”, Surrender”, “Don’t move”. In order to be captured, the enemy player must explicitly surrender. The enemy player is NOT obliged surrender to you and can try to move to cover or return fire. No physical contact is allowed, except after a permission for searching.

A captured player, can only be searched with his explicit permission. The player searched can stop the search at any time. To secure the captured player placing restraint is simulated/marked. Every replica found is marked as taken, the magazine is removed and can not be used by the captured player (the replica and magazines stay with the player). Every weapon, that has not been found and marked as taken, can be used by the captured player. Only game inventory can be removed from the captured player (healing stripes, maps, etc.)

In case a player refuses to be searched or stops the search, this automatically makes all of his weapons “taken” and he is obliged to give all of his game inventory and give all of the in-game information. The standard duration of the capture is 20 min, after which the captured player can go back to his respawn and then continue his game. The capture time can be changed according to the specific game story and/or the position/role of the player. If the captured player is left unguarded, he can escape.

To make a “knife kill” the player must have a knife replica and it must be in his other hand.
5.5 Wounding and healing
When the game allows the use of medics, the player who is hit has an OBLIGATORY “bleeding time”. The standard “bleeding time” is 5 min, but can be changed according to the specific game script. During the “bleeding” the player cannot communicate, move or operate his replicas. He can only shout for “Medic”. During “bleedinf” repeat hits are disregarded.
5.5.1 Extraction of wounded
A wounded (bleeding) player, can be extracted to a safe place within the “bleeding” time. The person doing the extracting, removes the orange marking from the extracted and then helps/drags him to a safe place, where he can be attended by a medic..

The extraction of a wounded player is done slowly – running is forbidden!

Extraction, dragging, carrying of a wounded player is done “ONLY” with his permission. After removal of the orange marking, the hits in him are valid, he is eliminated and proceeds directly to the respawn, where he must sit out the time determined in the game script.

Airsoft is not a competition. There are no winners or losers. The true spirit of airsoft is team-spirit & fellowship. Nevertheless, there are always a few dishonest people who try to cheat. We ask that all players avoid rules discussions in the game area, if there is something you feel really has to be discussed talk to a game master or trustee.

On many games there is always some gossip about players and teams not taking hits or behaving in a non-honorable manner. Unless you have solid proof keep this information to yourself and if you should tell anyone, tell your fellow game master. Still we cannot keep our eyes on everyone and cannot and don’t want to control the flow of the game, this is all your responsibility. Take pride in taking hits when you get struck by a BB. You can get back to the game after re-spawning.

Crew and game masters will however investigate any suspicions and ban players not following our rules. We find it better that you forgive and forget your fellow airsofters transgressions and keep on having fun rather than focusing on people acting wrongfully or badly. Remember that you are representing your country and/or region when you come to Berget-games, how you act and interact with the global airsoft community will define how you are perceived. This is a great responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

NOTE! We consider argues about people not takings hits as bad as the cheating itself. DO NOT, argue or curse other players if they are not taking hits. Talk to a game-master! Starting an argument can lead to a ban from the game. (And remember: it is better to take one hit too many than one too few.)