Specific requirements

Using mid-cap/real-cap magazines is mandatory. Hi-caps are forbidden.

You are required to have a two-way radio.

You are required to have protective glasses with transparent lens to use during the night.

You are required to carry some amount of water with you (either a water bottle or a camelback) – free bottled water will be provided in the bases for refills.

It is highly advisable to carry a handgun replica (or replica below 110m/sec) for engagements under 10m as well as engagements inside buildings and dense vegetation.

You are required to carry a rubber knife replica if you want to do a “knife kill” – no other knifes are allowed for “knife kill”. Holding the knife with hand is necessary, but it is advisable to use the other hand to tap the target. You should refrain from touching the other player with the knife in order to avoid accidents.

It is advisable to have a sleeping bag, to catch a few hours of sleep during the nights.

It is advisable to carry a personal first-aid kit, as well as mosquito and tick repellent.

You should carry enough food (or snacks) to last you 36 hours.

We are expecting a serious and responsible attitude towards all inventory.



You have to be at least 18 years of age and phisicaly and mentally healthy. За участие в игра се допускат навършили 18 години психически и физически здрави лица. The participation of persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol, opiods or stimulating controlled substances during a game.


Wearing protective glases is obligatory during ALL games, at ALL times, except in designated “safety areas”.

Airsoft Sofia has approved for use safety glasses with polycarbonate plaques of a least 2.2 mm, offering also side protection (European standard CE EN166) or better. Glasses for which there is doubt whether they adhere to the standard, must be tested by shooting before the game by an organizer or judge.

It is absolutely forbidden to take off your glasses during the game!

If your glasses are dirty or fogged, you can clean them while another player covers you protecting your head.

In the event of damage or other problem with the glasses the player must notify the others and is escorted by the closest player to a “safety zone”. If a player without glasses is noticed, the players must stop the game by shouting “Stop game! Player without glasses!” or “Stop igra! Igrach bez ochila!” (the same in Bulgarian) and proceed in the manner described above. It is strictly forbidden to shoot people not wearing safety glasses. It is recommended to use closed type glasses which do not have an opening between the plaque and the face as well as paintball and airsoft masks.

It is recommended to use long sleeve top and full length trousers, as well as a hat or helmet to protect the head against hits.
The use of the following is recommended:

  • High (hiking) boots, to stabilize the ankles and protect against sprains:
  • Gloves for hand protection;
  • Knee protection against glass and sharp objects when kneeling. наколенки,

Every player must carry an orange vest, hat or rag (not smaller than 40×40 cm), for marking when eliminated or “off-game”. Only Judges and Organizers can use luminicent green vests.

Any unwanted or unwarranted physical contact is forbidden, e.g. catching, grabbing, holding the clothes or replica/equipment of an opposing player. The only acceptable physical contact is during ingame healing, search when captured or helping during an emergency situation.

First aid is the personal resposibilty of every player. The organizers are not responsible for any physical/psychological trauma or injury. Every player must provide his own first aid kit, as well as evaluate his personal his health status and his ability to participate in the game.


Airsoft replicas are low-power pneumatic toys, which shoot a 6 mm. plastic projectile, with a weight of 0.20 – 0.50 grams. They are visually identical to real weapons but have a completely different construction, materials and operating mechanics. The usual muzzle energy is 0.5 – 3.5 Joules, which remains way below the legal threshold of 24 Joules and thus do not require a license or registration.

Only equipment, game devices and replicas, approved by Airsoft Sofia or the game organizers, can be used in the games. If you have a replica, for which you are not sure whether it is acceptable in the game, please consult with the organizers.

It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to carry a real firearm during a game!

Please keep your airsoft replica in a gunbag or hardcase (with the battery disconnected, magazine removed and safety on) when transpoirting the replica to and from a game. Aside form this being the safest way to transport it, it also protects the replica from breaking and scratches. In many places it is also the only legal way to transport a real firearm and will help you avoid misunderstandings.

NEVER take out and show your airsoft replicas in public places!

DMR rifles differ from assault rifles in usually having a longer and heavier barrel, larger ammunition caliber, low capacity magazines, the presence of a scope and (optionally) a bipod. It is only normal that the airsoft replicas, imitating DMR, share the same visual characteristics.

This is why the following replicas of real steel analogues (available on the market, and easily modifiable) are accepted as DMRs.

SVD; SVU; FN MK20; G3A3ZF; G28; G36D; Galatz (Galil sniper); L85; L129A1; M14; M14EBR; PSG (MSG); SR25; HK417; FN FAL DMR mode.

No one will be stoped from making a custom replica, but please consult wit the organizers about the project first.

DMR replicas can use only realcap/midcap magazines.

DMR can be upgraded up to Class 4.

Weapons with a muzzle energy of not more than 3.5 Joules and allowing only singe fire and manual reload are considered sniper replicas.

Sniper replicas can be upgraded up to Class 5.

3.4 SUPPORT WEAPONS (Machine guns)
Replicas of support weapons imitate reals steel ones and use large capacity magazines (over 600 BBs). Submachineguns or an assault rifle with a large capacity magazine are not allowed as a support weapon.

Support weapons can be upgraded up to Class 3.

Only midcap and realcap magazines can be used in the game.
High capacity (Box) mags are allowed only for support weapons. A box mag is magazine that meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Capacity over 600 BBs.
  • The possibility of power assited feed of the BBs.

You can reload your magazines in your base or at a mobile ammo crate. The ammo crate has a limited amount of cards, each marked with the respective magazine type (rifle, machine gun, etc.). For each reloaded magazine, you must take a card of the respective type and put it in the special slot in the crate. If there are no more available cards in the crate, it can no longer be used for reload and must be returned to base. The crate can be reloaded by a game master.

You can use normal and bio-degradable plastic BBs with a weight of 0.20 – 0.50 grams in the games.

It is STRICTLY FORBIDEN to use glass or metal BBs!

Only rubber or plastic non-sharpened knive replicas can be used in the game. Real knives can be used only for household tasks.

The use of ballistic shield replicas is allowed, and they must be not larger than 120 x 60 cm and not lighter than 6 kg. The player carrying the shield, can only use a Class 1 weapon in single fire mode. The shields will be provided by the organizers.

The use of all type of pyrotechnics is forbidden, except when used by the organizers.

Allowed for use are mines, booby-traps and grenades powered by Green Gas, CO2, compressed air, electronic, as well as spring powered claymore type mines.

When a mine or grenade is activated all players (friendly and/or foe) in a radius of 5 (five) meters from the “explosion” and in direct line of sight to the grenade are HIT. If at the moment of the “explosion” the players are hidden behind a brick or concrete barrier, than they are unharmed and continue their game.

The activation of a grenade or mine directly HITs a player with a shield, if he is within the 5 meter radius. The players behind and around the player with the shield are also HIT, if they are within the “blast” radius and in direct line of sight of the grenade or mine.


The mines are made of wood/playwood. They are 30-50 cm wide and maximum 20cm in height, and consist of two layers of wood – One wide circle and one small circle of top of it. They may NOT have any sharp edges and must be easy as safe to drive over by any kind of vehicle. They must be YELLOW in color. This type of mines will be provided by the organizers.


Minefields may be created by engineers at any time and any location without needing pre-approval. Placing mines is made by holding a hand on the mine for 1 min. by an engineer in the open and visible on the ground. Mines may not be hidden, burried or covered in any way, and must be visible to drivers.

A road is considered Mined when it is covered by three (3) Mines covering the WIDTH of the road. There may be any number of mines placed to block one road , aslong as atleast 3 mines are placed to cover the width of the road .

Example: You may place mines 3 x 3 x 3 along the lenght of the road aslong as it maintain 3 in width to stretch across the entire road. A road that has less than 3 mines over the width of the road is not considered mined.


Engineers may defuse minefields at any time. This is done by an engineer keeping one hand on the mine for 2 minutes. Only one mine per engineer can be cleared at one time (Cannot have one hand each on two mines), and only one engineer can work on one mine at a time. (2 engineers on one mine will still require 2 minutes). A minefield is not cleared and cannot be crossed until ALL Mines have been cleared. A mined road (3 mines over the width) is NOT considered cleared by only removing one mine.


Some mines can/may be boobytrapped. Those mines have an alarm under the mine designed to start beeping or making an alarm sound when you lift them up. When an alarm on a mine go off for any reason, everyone within 5 m of the mine is considered HIT. A booby trapped mine that goes of does not damage nearby vehicles.


In-game vehicles may not travel at more than 30 kph. Only authorized drivers may drive vehicles during the game, and only those vehicles that have been assigned to them. It is strictly prohibited to just get in a vehicle and drive off. Game master vehicles and other off-game vehicles will be flying an orange flag.

NOTE! All destroyed/off-game vehicles must show this clearly by having a signal lamp or orange flags on both sides of the vehicle.

If a vehicle goes trough a mine field, the normal eliminitaion rules apply, as if HIT by a rocket launcher. When the vehicle is HIT, the driver is HIT and the rest of the players must choose, whether to be HIT or to leave the vehicle within 10 seconds. If they do not leave within 10 seconds, all are considered HIT.

NOTE: It is absolutely prohibited to drive around a minefield. Vehicles must always stay on the road, and may never use the ditch to try to pass around obstacles for safety reasons.


Rocket Launchers will be issued by the organziers to certain units/players. The rocket launcher is used by pointing it towards the vehicle or structure, that is to be destroyed (preferably towards the mounted sensor) and pressing the trigger. If the target is hit a visual/sound indication will be activated on the destroyed vehicle or structure

There is a reload time, before a second shot can be fired. The rocket launcher has a limited number of shots, after which it must be returned to base for reload.

IEDs can take the form of a portable/fixed explosive device or a suicide vest worn by a player. The detonator can vary motion sensor, timer, manual trigger, etc. The portable/fixed IED automatically activates the vehicle sensors. The suicide vest emits a sound signal. When the signal is activated everyone within a 10 m radius is considered HIT. IEDs can be booby-trapped, which are triggered when the device is moved/removed. If the sound signal is activated the device is considered detonated and everyone within 10 m radius is HIT.

Ghille suits or similar camouflage elements, can only be worn by a player with a sniper or DMR replica.

The use of radio and electronic equipment in the game is allowed. Eavesdropping on the enemy radio frequencies is strictly forbidden.

The games organized by Airsoft Sofia, make use of 16FM channels with fixed radio frequencies in the PMR range 446.0-446.2 MHz, allocated for civilian use.


The so called “Liberean” shooting is forbidden, this means shooting without seeing where your BBs are going. It is forbidden to push your replica trough holes and cracks, to shoot around the corner or shoot blind.

Shooting the torso, if possible, is recommended.

It is forbidden to shoot the head, if other parts of the body are available.

The maximum speed is measured in meters per second (m/s), using 0.20 g BBs. The organizer must chronograph all replicas, before starting the game.

HPA, Green/Red gas as well as well as bolt action sniper rifles are chronographed with the BBs they are going to play with. The limit with this replicas is measured in Joules of muzzle energy for the respective class.

Class Max Speed m/s Max Speed fps Muzzle Energy (J) Max BB Weight (gr.) Min distance Firing mode
Class 1 110 360 1.2 0.36 1 Single
Class 2 130 425 1.7 0.36 10 Single and Auto
Class 3 140 460 2 0.36 15 Auto (Support Weapons)
Class 4 160 525 2.5 0.5 25 Single (DMR)
Class 5 185 600 3.5 0.5 40 Single Bolt Action

When engaging in the open, all classes of replicas can be used. When using a Class 1 replica above 10 m distance, automatic fire mode is allowed.

At engagement distances below 10 m. it is FORBIDEN to use any replicas above Class 1(over 110 m/s), as well as automatic fire mode with any replica.

If two opposing players come to a distance below 10 m and both do not have a Class 1 replica, they can resolve the situation in one of the following ways:

  • Both mark themselves as eliminated and go to their respawns.
  • The both turn and go in opposite directions and continue their game.

When engaging within a building all types of Class 1 replicas can be used. Only single fire mode is allowed.

A player in a building can shoot an opposing player, outside of the same building, using any class of replica, both in single and full auto as long as the minimum engagement distances for the respective class are observed. It is highly recommended to be especially careful around doors and windows, where you can be shot point blank.

Remember, your safety is your personal responsibility!

A pleyer in the open can shoot at an opposing player in a building with any Class of replica, in both single and full auto, as long as the minimum distance for the respective class of replica is observed. When a player outside comes within 10 m of the building he can only use a Class 1 replica, regardless of the actual distance between him and the player inside.

When engaging in the dark (22:00 – 06:00) only single fire mode is allowed regardless of the class of replica. Please use caution as the dark makes it easier to misjudge distances and targets.


The players must respect the game boundaries, set by the organizers before the game. All deviations from the set game boundaries are considered cheating.

„Safe zone” is an area marked in advance, where it is FORBIDEN to shoot any type of replica regardless of the reason. Safe zones are announces beforehand. Safe zones are by default the parking and resting places, as well as the respawns. The players must not engage oponents in/out of/through the safe zones, as well as within 50 m of them. When entering such zones, the players must remove the magazine, make a control shot in a safe direction to the ground and put the safety on.

5.1.2 BASES
Bases are specisly msrked (usually with a red/white line) parts of the game area, whth a special role in the game scenario. The organizers can designate the bases also as respawns.

„Respawn“ is a marked place, where the eliminated players can go, and after staying a pre-determined period of time defined in the scenario by the organizers, they can go back in the game. The respawn is also a safe zone. Shooting out of and towards the respawn, as well as within 50 m from it is FORBIDEN.


Every mission is started after the organziers give the start signal, agreed upon with the faction commanders. In the same way, the game ends when the organizer gives the end signal, or shouts loudly “krai na igrata” (end of game).

In the game some of the factions or players can have different elimination and respawn rules. The fact that they do not act as you, does not neceesaryly mean that they are breaking the rules. If you have such suspicions, do not argue, but inform your commaner.

A hit anywhere on the body is considered HIT. A hit anywhere on your equipment, including your backpack is considered HIT. It is forbidden to use your equipment for cover. For example, you can not take off your backpack and use it as a shield or cover.

A hit in the replica “damages” it and the player can not use it until he returns to the base or respawn and “fixes” it. The player can also continue the game with a replica taken/left by a friendly player. It is allowed for an eliminated player to leave BBs and equipment, at the place he was hit.

It is forbidden to verbally mark the player you are shooting at, as well as any commenting of the hits in a game!

Verbally marking means saying to the opposing player something in the lines of “come on, didn’t I hit you enough”, “Man I shot you full of BBs, go out” and such.

HIT players can not communicate with the “live” ones, nor use his replica.

It is forbidden to take cover behind marked/HIT players.


A hit by a ricochet does not result in being HIT. Penetrating shots are not considered ricochets. Penetrating shots are shots, are ones that pass through grass, bushes, leaves or any light material used for concealment. A hit by a member of own team (friendly fire) is considered being HIT.

An eliminated player should immediately raises his hand, and shout loudly “HIT” or “UDARЕN”,’UBIT” (“HIT”, “KILLED” in Bulgarian) and mark himself with an orange elimination vest or cap, in a way that the marking is visible from all directions in order to avoid repeat hits. The elimination vest or camp should be orange in color (not green). Green vests are reserved for organizer use. The eliminated player is not allowed to communicate either verbally or over radio with the other players or shoot his replica. He is only allowed to shout for a “Medic”. The eliminated player does not leave the spot, but stays in place for 10 min – the so called “bleeding” time.

Knife kill/Silent kill, is done by sneaking on the enemy, tapping him lightly with your hand and saying “Knife kill”, for this you will not only need to have a dummy knife, but it must be in your other hand.

The eliminated player does not shout “HIT” and does not bleed. He proceeds silently to his respawn. A player cannot do a mercy kill with a knife kill on another wounded friendly player, to save him the “bleeding” time, even if no medic is around.


After being hit and marking himself, the player stays in place for 10 min. – the so called “bleeding time”. During the “bleeding” the player cannot communicate, move or operate his replicas. He can only shout for “Medic”. During “bleeding” repeat hits are disregarded.

A wounded (bleeding) player, can be extracted to a safe place within the “bleeding” time. The person doing the extracting, removes the orange marking from the extracted and then helps/drags him to a safe place, where he can be attended by a medic.

The extraction of a wounded player is done slowly – running is forbidden!

Extraction, dragging, carrying of a wounded player is done “ONLY” with his permission. After removal of the orange marking, the hits in him are valid, he is eliminated and proceeds directly to the respawn.

5.5.2 MEDIC
The Medic is a designated player with a marking band or pacth with a red cross on it.


The Medic carries a Medic Treatment Table and a stack of wounded cards. The HIT player draws a wounded card from the stack. The card is only used once and is destroyed. The medic consults with the Medic Treatment Table to determine the treatment. The treatment is applied by having one hand of the medic on the HIT player. When all of the wounded cards are expended, the medic can no longer heal and must return to base and get a new set from the gamemaster. At the start of the treatment the medic removes the wounded marking from the HIT player.

The medic should commence treatment within the 10 min bleeding time. If the treatment has not commenced in the 10 min bleeding time, the HIT player is eliminated and proceeds to the respawn.

The medic cannot use his weapons during treatment. If he uses a weapon, or removes his hand, the treatment time must be restarted.

If the treatment does not start within 10 min from being hit, the player, while staying marked with the elimination vest/cap proceeds to his teams respawn.

If a HIT player is hit again, while the medic treats him, he is considered eliminated and must proceed to the respawn.

A player who had been HIT and treated once and is hit again, is eliminated and proceeds directly to the respawn without “bleeding”.

After the “bleeding” time elapses the eliminated player leaves the contact zone as quickly as possible.

The respawn takes place at every whole and half hour, regardless of when you arrive at the respawn. It is at all times “off-game” inside the re-spawn & Safe-zone. Bear in mind that some special character and units might have different respawn rules and times, provided by the organizers.

Example: If you arrive at the respawn at 12: 59 you have to wait for one minute until you can rejoin the game. The guy arriving two minutes later has to wait until the clock strikes 13: 30 until he can rejoin the game. Time is counted upon entering the safe zone, not when you were eliminated.

The faction commander and his deputy have an additional 30 min. added to the respawn time.

Please bear in mind that some factions and players with special roles, can have different rules and times for respawn, given to them by the organizers.

The Engineer is a player who is designated by a special band or patch. The Engineer has special functions in the game, like placing and defusing mines, placing a mobile respawn and other functions in the game script.


Enemy players can be captured, only if it is explicitly stated in the game scenario. Capture takes place, after healing the hit enemy player, by a friendly medic. Capture can be also be done if you manage to sneak on the enemy player, have him your sights and can clearly engage him. You can shout “Hands up”, Surrender”, “Don’t move”. In order to be captured, the enemy player must explicitly surrender. The enemy player is NOT obliged surrender to you and can try to move to cover or return fire. No physical contact is allowed, except after a permission for searching.

A captured player, can only be searched with his explicit permission. The player searched can stop the search at any time. To secure the captured player placing restraint is simulated/marked. Every replica found is marked as taken, the magazine is removed and cannot be used by the captured player (the replica and magazines stay with the player). Every weapon, that has not been found and marked as taken, can be used by the captured player. Only game inventory can be removed from the captured player (healing stripes, maps, etc.)

In case a player refuses to be searched or stops the search, this automatically makes all of his weapons “taken” and he is obliged to give all of his game inventory and give all of the in-game information. The standard duration of the capture is up to 60 min, after which the captured player can go back to his respawn and then continue his game. The capture time can be changed according to the specific game story and/or the position/role of the player. If the captured player is left unguarded, he can escape. After being “interrogated” for at least 30 min the player must give all the ingame information asked of him.

The Gamemasters (organizers of the game) and Trustees (players authorized by the organizers) have the right to decide arguments and conflict situation, by giving instructions which are obligatory in order to avoid incidents, provide a safe environment, adherence to the rules and the game script. Their instructions are compulsory and failure to follow them might be punished by going to the respawn, as well as removal from the game. If someone does not agree with the Gamemaster instruction, he still need to follow them and can later bring it up with his commanding officer.