Rules and Requirements


Minimum 18 years. No use of drugs and alcohol.

Mandatory glasses. CE standard EN166 or better. Recommended clothing with long sleeves and pants, hat/helmet, gloves, knee pads, etc.

It is forbidden to take off the glasses during the game!

Each player must have an orange vest, hat or rag (not less than 40 cm x 40 cm) and a flashlight/headlamp with a red light for marking in the dark. Illumination from below the orange vest with a normal flashlight/headlamp is allowed.

Only game masters and organizers may wear green signal vests.

Any unwanted or unjustified physical contact is forbidden.

The use of glass or metal balls is forbidden!

It is absolutely forbidden to carry real-steel weapons during the game!

Never openly carry or display airsoft replicas in public!

 2 Speeds and minimum distances

Only 6 mm. ordinary or biodegradable plastic BBs weighing from 0.20 to 0.50 grams are allowed. Maximum speed is measured in Joules (J), with hopup off and using 0.30 gram BBs.

High Pressure Air (HPA), green/red gas, CO2, as well as DMR replicas and bolt-action snipers are only measured with the BBs that the player will be playing with.

2.1 Class 1 – Pistol/Submachine gun – up to 1.2J, no minimum distance, semi only.

2.2 Class 2 – Assault rifle – up to 1.7J, minimum shooting distance 10 m, semi and automatic.

2.3 Class 3 – Support Weapons (Machine Guns) – Support Weapons replicas mimic real ones and use high capacity magazines (over 1000 rounds). A submachine gun or an assault rifle replica with a large magazine capacity is not allowed in this class. – Up to 2J, minimum firing distance 15m, automatic.

2.4 Class 4 – DMR replicas must externally resemble real-steel DMR examples – outer barrel not shorter than 400 mm, mounted optics and bipod, limited to single firing only. When shooting with a DMR replica, the rule of “one BB in the air” should be observed – Up to 2.5J, minimum shooting distance 25 m, semi only.

2.5 Class 5 – Sniper replica – any replica meeting DMR requirements and using bolt-action reloading. – Up to 3.2J, minimum firing distance 30m, bolt-action.

2.6 Class 6 – Sniper replica – any replica meeting DMR requirements and using bolt-action reloading. – Up to 4J, minimum firing distance 40m, bolt-action.

2.7 Magazines – Only “mid-cap” or “real cap” magazines are allowed. Box (high-capcity) magazines are ONLY allowed on fire support replicas (Class 3) (over 600 rounds and/or electric feed capability)

2.8 Reloading – You can reload your magazines at the base or at a mobile ammo-crate. The ammo-crate has a limited number of cards, each marked with a magazine type (rifle, machine gun, pistol). For each loaded magazine of the corresponding type, you should take one card of the corresponding type and drop it through the slot into the special compartment of the ammo-crate. If there are no cards available you cannot use the reload crate and it must be returned to base. The ammo-cratet can be refilled by a game master.

2.9 Knives – only rubber or non-sharp plastic replicas of knives may be used.

2.10 Shields – no larger than 120 by 60 cm and weighing no less than 6 kg. The player wearing the shield can only fire a pistol.

2.11 Grenades/Anti-Personnel Mines – Green Gas, Co2, Compressed Air, Electronics, and Claymore spring-loaded mines and grenades are permitted.

When triggered, all players (your own and/or opponents) within a radius of 5 (five) meters from the “explosion” and with direct line of sight to the grenade, not covered by solid barrier (concrete, brick), are considered eliminated and head directly to the “respawn” without “bleeding”. A shield is not considered a solid barrier.


The use of any kind of pyrotechnical devices except by the organizers is prohibited.

2.12 Anti-tank mines – are mines with a diameter of 30-50 cm and a height of up to 10 cm and are composed of two circles wider and narrower on it. Mines are colored yellow. This type of mines will be provided by the organizers.

The placement/defusing of these mines can be done only by an engineer, who must keep his hand on each mine individually for 2 min. Mines are placed on roads so that they are visible to vehicle drivers. A road is considered mined if there are at least 3 mines along the width of the road. In order to free the road, all of the mines should be defused.

2.13 Rocket launcher – Rocket launchers will be provided by the organizers to certain players. The rocket launcher is used by aiming at the vehicle or building to be destroyed (preferably the mounted sensor) and pulling the trigger. When hit, there will be a visual/audio indication from the vehicle/building hit. There is a “reload” time before another shot can be fired. The rocket launcher has a limited number of shots, after which it must be returned to base.

2.14 VEHICLES – In-game vehicles can only travel at a speed of up to 30 km/h and only on roads. Only drivers authorized by the organizers may drive vehicles during the game and only the vehicles assigned to them. It is absolutely forbidden to simply enter and drive away in a vehicle. Gamemaster vehicles and other off-game vehicles will be marked with orange flags or flashing lights.

“Destroyed” vehicles must have a clearly visible light marking or orange flag visible on both sides of the vehicle. When hit, the vehicle returns to base and is restored after 2 hours of downtime.

If a vehicle passes through a minefield, the normal hit rules apply, as with rocket launcher hits. When the vehicle is hit, the driver is HIT, the other players in the vehicle can choose to be HIT or leave the hit vehicle in the interval of 10 seconds. If they don’t leave it within 10 sec. all are considered HIT.

During the dark part of the day (22:00 – 06:00), vehicles must be driven with their lights on.

IMPORTANT: It is absolutely forbidden to bypass minefields. Vehicles must be on the road at all times. For safety reasons, detouring through ditches and leaving the line of the roads is not allowed.

2.15 Camouflage, Gillie – Gillie suits or other gillie-like items may only be worn by a player using a sniper replica or DMR.

2.16 Marking of the factions – It is mandatory to observe the type of dress camouflage according to the factions. There is no restriction on factions to use colored bands for marking/identification as they see fit.


  • It is prohibited to use the so-called “Liberian” shooting, where the player cannot see through the aiming devices the target he is shooting at!
  • Shooting the torso is recommended if the situation permits.

3.1 Play in and out of buildings and close quarter combat

At distances less than 10 meters, as well as in a building, the use of any replicas firing more than 1.2 J (Class 1) is PROHIBITED, as is the firing on auto.

If one player is inside a building and the other is outside, the normal speeds and minimum distances according to the weapon class apply, with the distance being measured from the outside player to the boundary of the building where the BB passes.

3.2 Game at night.

In the dark part of the day (22:00 – 06:00) automatic shooting is prohibited (single shot only), while maintaining all other minimum distances and restrictions. As an exception, support weapons (Class 3) may fire on auto, ONLY from designated firing positions determined and marked by the organizers in advance, in which case a flashlight must be used when shooting.


4.1 Safe Zones – A “Safe Zone” is a pre-marked place where shooting any replica for any reason is PROHIBITED, except in areas specifically designated by the organizers.

4.2 Respawn – The Respawn is a pre-marked place where eliminated players go, and after a stay determined by the organizers, return to play. The Respawn has the status of “Safe Zone” and one is available at every base. It is possible for a faction to acquire a “Mobile Respawn” under conditions and with a mode of use determined by the organizers.

4.3 Elimination – A hit anywhere on the body is an elimination. Hitting any part of the replica or gear, including the backpack, is an elimination. It is forbidden to use the equipment as a cover. A hit by a player from the same faction counts as an elimination (friendly fire).

Verbal marking by the shooter and any other player commenting on hits during the game is prohibited!

The eliminated player is not allowed to communicate with the “live” players, nor to produce shots with his replica.

Shooting at or hiding behind marked players is prohibited.

4.4 Ricochets – A ricochet hit is not considered an elimination. But “passing” shots are not considered ricochets (e.g. trough brush).

4.5 Elimination marking – The eliminated player immediately raises his replica or free hand up, shouts loudly and clearly “HIT”, “Udaren”, “Ubit”, marks himself as quickly as possible with a “death rag” (orange vest/hat) so that the mark is clearly visible from all sides (to avoid re-hits) and ceases all verbal or radio communication with other players.

4.6 Knife kill – “knife kill” or “silent elimination” is done by stalking an opponent and patting them with one hand while saying “knife kill” while holding a replica knife in the other. A player may not “finish off” an injured teammate.

4.7 Direct elimination – when hit by a mine or knife kill, the player does not “bleed”, but goes directly to the Respawn.

4.8 Bleeding – A hit player has a MANDATORY “bleeding” time of 10 minutes in the position where they are hit. During the “bleeding”, the affected player is not allowed to communicate, move and shoot. He is only allowed to call “medic”. If he has a tourniquet (real or replica), placing it doubles the player’s bleeding time (20 min)Getting hit again has no effect on the injured player (doesn’t change the bleed time or send him to the respawn).

4.9 Bleeding Player Extraction – An bleeding player may be slowly extracted (without running) by a live player by first removing their death rag (orange vest/cap)

4.10 Medic – A Medic is a player who has an armband/patch with a red cross marked on it.

4.11 Healing – At the beginning of the healing time, the medic removes the marking vest/hat. The medic must begin treatment within the 10 minute (20 with a tourniquet) “bleed” time.

IMPORTANT: A hit player that does not carry a white band/bandage on them cannot be healed. He goes to the “Respawn” after the 10 minutes of “bleeding”.

4.12 Respawning – Respawning is done in the Respawn at the whole hour regardless of when you entered. Example: If you enter in at 12:59, you must wait 1 min before entering the game. A player who entered the dead zone 20 minutes later (13:20) must wait until 14:00. Time is counted from the moment you entered the Respawn, not from the moment of elimination. Faction Commanders and their Deputies each add 60 minutes to their time.

4.13 Capturing an opposing player – Capture occurs after a “bleeding” player is healed by the opposing faction’s medic. Capture can also be done when an opponent is stalked and presents a clear target to strike. The “captured” player is not required to comply with the order and may attempt to take cover and return fire. The only allowed physical contact during captivity is searching the player.

A captive player may ONLY be searched with their consent. The searched player can stop the search at any time. To secure a captive, handcuffing is simulated/marked. Any replica found is marked as secured. Any replica not marked as secured can be used by the captured player. A captured player is not allowed to use a knife kill.

In the event that a player refuses to be searched, this automatically secures any replicas they are carrying, and they are required to hand over absolutely all game inventory provided to them, as well as provide any game information. The standard holding time in captivity is 60 minutes.

4.14. Attitude towards journalists, civilian faction – any unjustified act of aggression towards representatives of the civilian faction and/or journalists can lead to a serious negative effect on public opinion and, accordingly, the game outcome for the faction that committed it.

4.15 Conduct – Outsiders, Law Enforcement – When outsiders appear within the boundaries of the playing field, they are warned and asked to leave by the player who first noticed them. If the police or other officials appear, the game is stopped, the replicas are put on a safe and the organizers are immediately notified. In all the cases described above, the behavior and attitude of the players should be polite and non-aggressive.

5 Radio communicationPre-determined channels provided by the organizers for each faction are used.

6 Gamemasters / Trustees – Gamemasters (the organizers of the game) and trustees (specially authorized persons by the organizers) have the right to resolve disputed situations, as well as to give mandatory instructions in order to avoid accidents, provide safety, compliance with the rules and the script, etc.. The instructions given by them are mandatory and disregard to them can lead to penalties with a mandatory tour to the Respawn or even expulsion from the game. If anyone has objections to the instructions of the game master/trustees they should still follow them and contact their commander to voice their objections.

7 PENALTIES – In case of violation of the rules, the organizers can enforce penalties which may be (non-exhaustively):

  • Forced trip to the “Respawn”.
  • Expulsion from the game.
  • A ban on one or more participations in future games.
  • Other penalties at the organizer’s discretion.

8 Sportsmanship and Common sense

  • If there is a problem with a player, do not enter into an argument. Notify your commander or one of the organizers. Aggressive and offensive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Use common sense to avoid situations that could put you or any other player in real danger and risk, regardless of the faction.
  • Protect nature! Do not leave behind waste and cigarette buts, put them in your pocket, in your backpack or in a box. Comply with fire safety rules and regulations.
  • Don’t try to find loopholes in the rules. Don’t try to look for weak points in the script. Thus you spoil the pleasure of everyone present.
  • Don’t be too quick to accuse someone of cheating just because you shot at them. You may not have hit them. Don’t kid yourself that the BBs always go exactly where you aim. Don’t overestimate yourself, even the best shooter can miss a small moving target. Always keep in mind that the BBs are light and easily deflected.
  • It is forbidden to light a fire!