The event will be held from the evening of 31st of August to 2nd September.

Friday – 31st August

16:00 – 19:00 registration and chrono
19:00 – 20:00 transfer to bases
20:00 – 22:00 faction briefings and equipment
22:00 game starts with night missions

Saturday – 1st September

00:00-23:59 day/night missions

Sunday – 2nd September

around noon – end of the game and giveaway with prizes from sponsors


We are pleased to inform you that this year’s Viper game will take place at the former airbase of Cheshnigirovo, thanks to the help of the Ministry of Defense and the Bulgarian Army.

The airbase is massive and there are dozens of buildings, ranging from small 1-story buildings all the way to 4-story high air control towers. Almost all of the buildings are in a perfect condition for milsim purposes, and almost all of them will be made available to us. There are also tens of facilities, ranging from ones that are dug under the runways to 40 big fortified airplane hangars.

There are both open spaces as well as small forests and narrow passageways. All roads are fully traversable and allow for easy transporting of equipment.
We believe that this type of terrain will contribute to the extreme immersion in a milsim battle for control over a “strategic airbase”.
Expect a video as well as photos of the airbase quite soon.

There is an off-game zone and parking next to in-game zone.

Free drinking (bottled) water will be supplied to everybody at bases.

The bases will be threated against ticks before the event but it is highly advisable to carry mosquito and tick repellent.

You are allowed to place and sleep in tents in-game inside the bases.


In order to participate you have to register and pay the participation fee – 25eur.

The registration is open from 10th June until 15th August.

You`ll receive mail for payment information and other information concerning the game soon after registration.