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Two years of pandemic bring relative calm to Ulpia after heavy fighting to control the troubled state. The fate of local oligarch Terentius Varro, who was saved by Hard Touch Solutions (HTS) mercenaries from the Alliance’s advancing Balkan United Forces (BUF), remains unknown. According to unconfirmed rumors, he and the surviving units of the HTS have crossed the border and are hiding abroad.
Intelligence services are making alarming reports that Varro has not abandoned his desire for power in Ulpia and is gathering forces and money, and that hardened fighters from Hard Touch Solutions (HTS) are well equipped and loyal. Unmarked trucks and other equipment have been spotted entering key areas of Ulpia. Blurry satellite images show elements of serious communication and computer equipment, as well as parts of modern air defense systems. This activity is unavoidably associated with the ambitions of Varro and the special units of the HTS.

Airsoft Milsim Game Ex military airfield Uzundzhovo near Haskovo 09-11 September 2022